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Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD Silver Spring, MD 301-857-0144Over a decade ago, the entire locksmithing industry was disrupted when the concept of a 24 hour lock & key service arrived! Back then, the need for a locksmith to function round-the-clock and deliver on the emergency needs of clients was evident, however the demand was not met with an equivalent supply. Those that did offer the service levied an excess fee on it that was twice or thrice the standard charges. That’s when Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD decided to make a difference by establishing a service that was not just available 24/7 but could also be relied upon for its timeliness, dedication and affordability!

Running a 24 hour lock and key company is not an easy task, but it’s something we’ve managed to accomplish thanks to a supportive network of passionate technicians and a strong infrastructure. Constantly evolving, improving and adapting to the changing landscapes, over time our service offerings have only gotten better and today, we’ve become a community favorite in Silver Spring, MD.


Assistance at all times

Disrupting the 9 to 5 work dynamic, we have taken it a step further by being available for our customers at all times. Whether you reach out to us for helping mid-afternoon or well past midnight, you’ll find a friendly technician on the other end of the line ready to help you.

No questions asked service:

Most companies prioritize 24 hour lock & key service based on the customer need. If you need it enough, they deliver it and then charge you a heft amount for it. But we work differently! Whether you’re caught up in a messy lockout or are simply in need of a spare key, we have a no-questions asked policy that entitles you to our service any time you need it.

Non-fluctuating prices:

A lock repair that will cost you twenty bucks during the day can cost you fifty during the night – that’s how most locksmiths price their service. However, we at Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD, adhere to a predefined pricing scheme, and stick to it, irrespective of the time you call us for service. This ensures complete transparency in our operations.


To successfully run a 24 hour lock & key service and render superior solutions, every single time; we’ve gone on to establish a one-of-a-kind business model. We’ve split our workforce and get them to work in shifts to make sure we live up to our claims of being a 24-hour service. Added to that, we facilitate mobility with the aid of a robust fleet of vans that are loaded with the essential paraphernalia. This enables our technicians to get to any place in minimal time and provide any service needed onsite without taking the task back to our workshop.

If you want to avail our 24 hour lockandkey services, it’s time you called 301-857-0144