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Life is a rush, and in the midst of the chaos where there’s just too much to tackle, we tend to overlook a few necessities. Take your keys, for instance. You use them every day to lock up your home, your valuables, your car and everything that matters. It’s not uncommon to lose them considering their inconsequential size. In fact, keys are among the most frequently lost items today. That’s why, it’s vital to always have backup or spare keys made in case you find yourself in a fix. Reach out to Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD – a leading locksmith service that specializes in key duplication, and can make any key, right from those used on your file cabinets, car, cabinet, mailbox to entry doors.

Whether you need a spare, or have a broken key that needs to be duplicated, our expert key cutters will reach your property, anywhere in Silver Spring, MD area, within minutes after receiving your call.

Locksmith vs. hardware store:

One of the first instinctive actions most people take when they’re in need of a key is to drop by the nearest hardware store, and get a copy made. The copy either doesn’t work or is built of such poor-quality that you’re sure you’ll need to replace it again. When it comes to your keys, don’t compromise on the quality. Trust a locksmith to carry out key duplication with impeccable finesse and precision, and to use high-quality key blanks, that ensure a long life despite rough usage.

 Why choose Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD?

Keys are multifarious and crafting them requires extreme finesse and technical proficiency – and that’s something our experts have. When you call us to make you a new set of keys or for key duplication, we won’t take forever to get the job done. With a trained team at the helm that’s supported with state-of-the-art machinery and cutting tools, we can get the key duplication job done in less than 30 - 60 minutes.

Here are some of the keys we can make:

  • Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD Silver Spring, MD 301-857-0144File cabinet keys
  • High security keys
  • Abloy keys
  • Master keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Paracentric keys
  • New car keys
  • Zeiss keys

24/Emergency key duplication

Ever felt helpless when your key broke in the lock and now you have no way to gain access into your property? What if the exact situation occurs well past business hours? Is your only option to wait it out the entire night and get help from a locksmith in the morning? No, it’s not, because Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD works round-the-clock in Silver Spring, MD area and can provide you key duplication services any time you need it. Just give us a call on 301-857-0144 and we’ll be there as soon as we can!

Hire an expert key cutter from us today!