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The age-old system of lugging around a heavy key ring with all the necessary keys you need has long vanished, only to be replaced with a better, more efficient system called the master key system. The system is commonly used to minimize the number of keys being used, and to make access easy, hassle-free and secure at the same time. Devising an appropriate master key plan for a building is not something everyone can do.

What you need is a trained and trusted professional – someone like Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD! We’re a renowned firm with a stellar reputation in providing quality-oriented locksmith services in the Silver Spring, MD area. Whether you want to implement the system in your residential or commercial property, we’ve got the wherewithal to handle it.

What is it?

To put it in simple words, locks connected to the master key network are configured to answer to two configurations, one – the unique change key, and two: the master key. All the locks in the network have the same second configuration, which means they all answer to the same master key. In some set ups, there can be sub master keys, which operate only a set of locks.

Here are someof thebenefitsit offers:

  • Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD Silver Spring, MD 301-857-0144Can be designed to restrict access
  • Minimizes the hassle of carrying too many keys
  • Helps gain access in case the change key is lost
  • Prevents loss/ theft of keys since there’s only few to safeguard
  • Provides greater key management and control

Hire a professional

As stated, devising a master key system is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of thought has to be given to how the system will achieve the functionality required. Most businesses demand a hierarchical setup with a master and sub-master keys that grant access to one while denying access to a few others. Besides, locks need to be rekeyed with finesse to align with the requirements. No matter how complex or tedious it might seem, we at Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD can handle it all; right from designing the layout to making the keys.

We offer 24/7 support

No setup, no matter how robust it may seem, is immune from failure. If you’ve lost the master key, or if you struggle with opening a few locks, you can always count on our 24-hour locksmith service to get you out of the mess in no time.

Trust the job of devising the system to the expert in Silver Spring, MD area. Call 301-857-0144!