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Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD Silver Spring, MD 301-857-0144Unlike crudely-cut mechanical keys, transponder keys vary in terms of their complexity due to the additional electronic component they carry. Losing one is not going to prove easy on you, since making a new one is both a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Demanding extensive programming skills coupled with precision in key cutting, making these high security keys isn’t something everyone can do and finding a professional who’d do the same without charging you a fortune for it has become next to impossible. But, if you’re reading this, you’ve found yourself an expert key maker in Silver Spring, MD area who’ll get the job done!

Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD is a leading locksmith company with a massive team of specialized auto locksmiths who’ve an in-depth knowledge of crafting transponder keys. Whether you need a duplicate made or want us to reprogram the system to align with a new key, there’s no job that’s impossible for our experts.

Why do we use transponder keys?

For years, car manufacturers have been battling the rising cases of vehicle theft, by attempting to tighten the security levels by deploying various measures. While most of them did nothing to deter criminals from theft, one, however, did – and that was transponder keys. Earlier car models were so easy to be hotwired. After the introduction of these high security keys, that era came to an end. The keys come installed with a microchip carrying a unique code.

When the key is inserted in the lock and turned, a signal is emitted and the code is cross-verified. Only upon correct authentication does the immobilizer get disabled and the engine roars to life. There are also sophisticated versions with rolling codes where the authentication changes every time, thus making it extremely hard to manipulate.

Whyhire anauto locksmith fromLocksmith Service Silver Spring MD?

When you end up losing a transponder key, you’re left with no choice but to get a new key made. You can always approach your car dealer for it, but be warned, that it’s not going to be a quick and affordable process. Most dealers demand at least a week to send over the finished product to you. Plus, the rates charged are absurdly high. With Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD you get to make the smarter choice! We’re known in Silver Spring, MD area for our super fast services and have a turnaround time of a mere 60 minutes to furnish the key. In addition, our rates are at least 2x lower than what a dealer charges, making us your best, most affordable option when it comes to getting transponder keys made.

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