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The Locksmith technicians at Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD have performed numerous jobs in Silver Spring, MD and surrounding areas for decades, where we offer an impressive suite of services covering everything involved with maintaining the integrity of your commercial property. This includes emergency locksmith services for those Silver Spring, MD jobs that cannot wait, where Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD has a dedicated fleet of mobile locksmith response vehicles that are outfitted with the latest tools that can tackle any locksmith issue.

Over the years, we’ve provided lock & locksmith services for a wide range of business and commercial interests. The security specialists in our employ are capable identifying and securing any premises, with the following representing just a handful of the ones we’ve secured:

  • Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD Silver Spring, MD 301-857-0144Shopping malls
  • Finance sector
  • Entertainment centers
  • IT firms
  • Hospitals/ Med-care centers
  • Business setups
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail stores
  • Office spaces
  • Residential flats
  • Eateries/Cafes
  • Academic institutions
  • Hotels / Motels / Resorts

Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD has a staff of security technicians that fully embrace the all the tenets of professional and capable security locksmith services. With commercial interests, security can be daunting for an outfit that doesn’t have the impressive range of options that we’ve delivered over the years, which is why we’re the go-to source in the city. The package we offer is multi-faceted; to take care of a number of concerns you might have regarding access to sensitive areas on your premises.

Yet another region in which the expert Locksmith Service Silver Spring MD staff covers is digital lock system. In addition to the elevated level of control this provides you the owner; it affords increased protection by removing the obvious methods of breaching a secure location: the lock and key system. The size of your office building doesn’t matter – we appreciate the need to have every access point secured, and work speedily to ensure it is done.

This tiered control option is managed by an advanced digital lock system, which works with pass codes which can be shared with specific personnel– in terms of granting and restricting access. Onsite, employees with different levels of access key in the appropriate code for entry. You no longer need to worry about lost keys and recovering keys from former employees.

Additionally, our commercial locksmith clients in Silver Spring, MD value the ability to secure their premises and are known to have the most up to date security installed on the premises. As a crucial part of one of our most robust security packages, it guarantees that you rest easily with the knowledge that your property is secure.

An overview of our commercial services:

  • Onsite quick fixes for commercial lockouts
  • 360 degree commercial locksmith services
  • Broken, outdated and malfunctioning lock repairs
  • Replacement of old locks
  • Assessment of commercial security flaws
  • Lock rekeying
  • Installation of sophisticated high-security locks
  • Outdated lock system upgrades
  • Restricted keyway system incorporation
  • Magnetic lock setup
  • Development of non-duplicable high-security keys
  • Installation of file cabinet/mailbox/safe locks
  • Number keypad locks
  • Programming of resolute digital locks
  • Key making, spare key creation services
  • Custom-built commercial locking solutions
  • Master and surrogate keys creation
  • Unlocking of locks, cabinets, window, safes etc
  • Emergency exit locks installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Powerful deadbolt installation

And more